Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Day

Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Day

On Tuesday, 19th February, a few lucky members of the Shepherd’s team spent a humbling and gratifying day at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick in support of their Gold Day promotion, which takes place in the lead-up to their famous Gold Telethon each year.

We had the pleasure of developing and donating a special new product for the occasion – our gold Passionfruit Lamingtons (dubbed “Pashingtons”), which we will also be rolling out to stores this week.  Over 300 of these soft, fluffy, flavoursome favourites were distributed to the doctors, nurses and staff who were all appreciative of our efforts and super excited to be getting a treat themselves.  Most couldn’t believe they were the ones receiving something, instead of the children, which speaks volumes as to the selfless nature of these wonderful people.

What the staff at SCH do on a daily basis is truly remarkable and inspiring, and we’d like to encourage everyone to donate and support Gold Telethon week, if you’re able to.  Click here to go through to the website and find out what you can do.

Special thanks to Whitney and Rachel from the Foundation for guiding us around the hospital and explaining some of their impressive initiatives to us.

If you’d like to see more photos from the day, there are loads on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more, as Gold Telethon Day itself is just around the corner!

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