The Shepherd’s journey began in 2001 when childhood school mates, Demi Sclavos and Jack Mitri, stumbled upon an old world artisan bakery based in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

We were completely captivated by the vast array of handcrafted specialty bread, enticing aroma and the integral use of raw ingredients to inspire the taste and texture of artisan baked food. This is where we met head baker Michael Shepherd and a lifetime friendship was forged.

We started with a rickety old truck, a shoebox sized bakery based in Blaxland, Blue Mountains and a zany sense of humour which kept us smiling through some wicked hours. Three guys. Three diff­erent walks of life. One vision. To create and bake authentic, quality artisan food and share it on a grand scale. The rest? The rest…is living the dream.



Co-Founder / Head Baker

Known for: Being fastidious about my job but also fun to work with my staff.

Baking because: Passionate about creating new products and seeing the end results.

Ability or trait you would like to possess… Be a Formula One driver.

Favourite cartoon character: Superman because he’s… Superman.





Co-Founder / Operations Manager

Known for: Shyness.

Baking because: Everyone has taste buds and an opinion.

Ability or trait you would like to possess…  Saying “no” to good food placed in front of me.

Favourite cartoon character: Batfink because he doesn’t take himself too seriously.


people-5JACK MITRI

Co-Founder / Business Development Manager

Known for: Being a sports nut.

Baking because: The smell. The flavours. The romance.

Ability or trait you would like to possess… Being more of a handy man.

Favourite cartoon character: Stewie Griffin from Family Guy – cute and gets away with everything.




Marketing Manager

Known for:   Coming up with new ideas which make production tear their hair out!

Baking Because:  I’m obsessed with sourdough – to me it has always seemed like a magic trick to make bread rise without adding yeast!  I was a customer who fell in love with Shepherd’s products and joined the team.

Ability or Trait You’d Like to Possess:  Patience.  I have none.

Favourite Cartoon Character:  Daria.  I was obsessed with her as a teenager.



Production Supervisor

Known for: Hard work ethic… and good looks.

Baking because: The different type of fascinating people I come across.

Ability or trait you would like to possess… To sing in tune

Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson because I’d like to drink beer without appearing drunk…and I have a thing for donuts…mmmm…donuts!