Take some beautiful, wholesome and natural ingredients and simply add flair, imagination and soul…. and you have the very essence of Artisan Baking.

The term “artisan” embodies the notion of quality, craft and tradition spanning thousands of years. Artisan baking is as much about the soul as it is the work of human hands. When the two unite, the result is art in its most appetising form.Fruitloaf

The artisan baker knows no short cuts, no boundaries, no limitations. It’s “do it right or don’t bother”, even if it means occasionally discarding, then starting again. What’s more, we don’t use pre-mixes. Everything is made from scratch. We believe that the less you tamper with nature, the better it is for you.

For over 10 years, we’ve carved a little niche at various growers and farmers markets throughout Sydney and Regional areas. In the process, we’ve been blessed to meet so many wonderful, dedicated and talented farmers who showcase their amazing produce on a weekly basis.

We, in turn, purchase much of our stock directly from those farmers and integrate the raw ingredients into our product range. It’s amazing what you get when you use fresh, unrefined ingredients sourced from the actual grower. With our products, the raw ingredient is the hero. The grain, the spice, the seeds, the fruit, the vegetable, the meat, the dairy. They provide all the colour, flavour, aroma, texture and crispy sounds.

The artisan baker’s role is to facilitate the transformation from raw to finished product. Of course, it’s not always possible to use natural ingredients, but we will strive, as much as possible, to utilise fresh, farm grown produce to incorporate into our range.



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