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Luckily for us, it’s no longer the norm to enjoy a delicious meal or snack and keep it all to yourself.  We all have a social obligation to share the YUM by reviewing, blogging, sharing, tweeting and so on, via that wonderful thing we call the internet.

We’re so glad that’s the case, when we read the fantastic reviews people post online describing our products and services.  The lovely shout-outs from familiar faces and new customers alike all help to build a picture of what you can expect when you enter one of our bakery cafes, or buy from one of our market stalls – tasty, wholesome food and friendly, down-to-earth people.

We thought we’d share a few of our favourites with you here, but you can read a whole lot more – and contribute one of your own if you like – via our Facebook page or Zomato listing at the links below.

Happy Reading!

“Today was my lucky day. I visited Narellan and came away with loads of treats. Too hard to choose so I bought:-
Croissants –
Almond, Pear Pistachio Rhubarb and Apple and Ham & Cheese Croissant with Bechamel.
Pizzas –
3 Cheese Spinach and Mushroom plussausage roll 2
Lamb Sausage Roll and Mushroom one, plus…
Square Pie
German Rye Bread
Fruit Loaf
Protein Balls
Everything we’ve sampled so far is outstanding.
I loved the ham cheese croissant and the pear pistachio croissant.
Who’s kidding…yummo.   Pastry is amazing.
Keep up the good work. And your Narellan staff are the bomb. (I’m why your Saturday sales are up.”

Kerrie Cox, Narellan via Facebook

“The pear, rhubarb and pistachio croissant was honestly one of the best I’ve had. I’ve been a huge fan of the almond croissant but I’ve now a new favorite. The Apple walnut is next on the list to try. I like the variety they had and would go back any day”

Leah, Eastgardens customer, via Zomato

“Best damn bread I’ve ever tasted healthy and wholesome obviously made with lots of love and passion! Very good customer service and enthusiasm at the Newcastle markets.”

Emma, Newcastle City Markets customer, via Facebook

“I LOVE this bakery! I met the team at Castle Hill Growers Markets and not only do they have the best food their customer service is outstanding. I would not hesitate recommending Shepherd’s to anyone! I’m a sucker for the almond croissant!”

Erin, Castle Towers and Castle Hill Markets customer, via Facebook


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