Father’s Day Lockdown Ideas

Father’s Day Lockdown Ideas

If you’re looking for Father’s Day lockdown ideas that will help to make this day stand out, and let your Dad know you’re thinking of him, you’ve come to the right blog!  We LOVE helping families celebrate special days in ways which are more delicious and heart-warming, and Father’s Day is no different.  Yes, this year many of us will be physically separated from our Dads by lockdown laws and distance, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share fun times, or a yummy meal, and let them know we love them.

Here are our favourite Father’s Day lockdown ideas;

  1. Eat Together. Firstly, order the same food, from the same place to be delivered at the same time for breakfast, morning tea, lunch or dinner.  We suggest fresh almond or fruit-filled croissants for breakfast; gourmet pies and sausage rolls for lunch or a selection of wholesome little tarts, slices and muffins for morning tea from our three UberEats locations; Marrickville, Broadway and Castle Towers.   Simply head to the UberEats app and search for Shepherd’s – if you live reasonably near one of our stores, you’ll see us pop up as an option.
  2. Add Coffee!  You can add your favourite coffee to your UberEats order and our baristas will make you and Dad’s favourite coffee – flat white, cappuccino, whatever you like – and include it with your order.
  3. Video Call.  Once you’re food is both there, jump on a zoom, Facebook Messenger Call, WhatsApp Call or whatever you prefer and wish Dad a happy Father’s Day virtually.
  4. Add Fun!  Video calls can get dull so if there’s a few of you, try a quiz to make things more exciting.  Create your own list of questions all about Dad (where did Dad first break a bone, what hospital was Dad born in) and see which family member really knows Dad best.  If it’s just you and Dad or you’re not into quizzes, create a slideshow of funny family photos before you call, and screen-share to take a little walk down memory lane together while you’re chatting.  Bonus points if you can unearth some retro, hilarious photos from when Dad was young.



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