Sydney’s Best Lamingtons Are Back in Cute Cake-Pop Version!

Sydney’s Best Lamingtons Are Back in Cute Cake-Pop Version!

On the lookout for Sydney’s best Lamingtons this Australia Day?Sydney's best lamingtons pink

You’ve come to the right place – and now Sydney’s best lamingtons come in a cute cake-pop version which your family will love!  These are the very lamingtons which scored us a mention in Sydney weekend notes ‘Best Lamingtons in Sydney’ article around this time last year – check out the link at the bottom of this page to read more!

Available in 3 yummy flavours; traditional chocolate, raspberry and Fairy Bread, they’re the perfect treat to take along to an Australia Day BBQ or picnic this year.  You’ll love the kid-friendly serving size, and the paddlepop stick handle which keeps everyone’s hands a little bit less sticky in this hot weather.

We’ve kept the Lamington Pops cream-free, which makes them less reliant on refrigeration to stay safe, leaving more space in your esky for your favourite beverages.  Trust us, they’re sweet and moist enough without the jam and cream… mouth-watering in fact!

sydney's best lamingtons 5For the die-hard Lamington purists however, you’ll be pleased to know that Sydney’s best lamingtons DO come in cream-filled versions in the same three delicious flavours.  We use real, fresh whipped cream in our lamingtons rather than the tinned alternative, so you’re guaranteed a delicious, old-fashioned treat in every box.

Our Lamington Pops are just $3.50 each or grab a gift-worthy box of 4 for $11.

Our Cream-Filled Lamingtons are $4.50 each or $15 for a box of 4 this week only!

At all of our market stalls and stores (click HERE for details) with deals available from Jan 24th – 26th, while stocks last… get in fast, these ALWAYS sell out!


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