RECIPE: Fig & Walnut Toast with Vanilla Ricotta

RECIPE: Fig & Walnut Toast with Vanilla Ricotta

This is the best no sugar ricotta breakfast recipe ever, and it all comes down to the quality of the ingredients.

Let’s just say there’s ricotta, and then there’s ricotta.

The good stuff, which you absolutely need for this recipe, is freshly made and sold at a deli.  We find the best ricotta comes from Paesanella in Marrickville, but there’s probably a deli in your area which does awesome fresh ricotta too.

The loaf we’ve used is our Fig & Walnut Cob Sourdough, which is sprinkled with sunflower seeds and studded with juicy semi-dried figs.  Unlike most fruit loaves, there is no sugar added to the dough, which makes it a healthy option!

You could substitute this bread for another sourdough fruit bread, but make sure you buy an uncut loaf so you can slice it reallllyyy thick.



1 x loaf of Fig & Walnut Sourdough

1 x 500g tub of fresh soft ricotta

2 tspn vanilla bean paste

Zest of 1 lemon

Tbpsn Maple or Agave Syrup

Butter and fruit to serve


Beat ricotta, vanilla bean paste, zest and maple syrup together well until creamy – I just use a fork.

Cut toast thick and grill or fry in a buttered pan until golden brown.

Serve toast buttered, with a huge blob of the vanilla ricotta and fresh fruit, all drizzled with a tiny bit more maple syrup.