Recipe – Easy Midweek Fishcakes

Recipe – Easy Midweek Fishcakes

There’s a lot to love about our Easy Midweek Fishcakes recipe – not least of all the crunchy, crispy sourdough crumb!

Developed as an homage to the exclusive Fish en Papilotte recipe created by Larissa Takchi for our friends at Castle Towers, it’s not only a light, scrumptious and easy meal – it also gives you the opportunity to use up excess ingredients and/or leftovers from Larissa’s recipe to create a whole new, tasty meal the following day.

Which means more YUM, and less food waste; something we champion at Shepherd’s.  It begins at the bakehouse, where our day-old sourdough bread is blitzed to become the breadcrumbs we use in our sausage rolls.  And it continues at our homes – our team are geniuses in using up leftover sourdough, which inspired our 5 Tasty Uses for Stale Bread blog last year!  If you also like to minimise food waste and love to create healthy, inexpensive family-friendly meals, you’ll enjoy this one.

PS: Don’t have any leftovers?  We don’t blame you.  But we’ve provided substitutes so you can still create this recipe even if you ate every last morsel of Larissa’s recipe…

Easy Midweek Fishcakes with Sourdough Crumb

(Serves 2 -3 with sides)

easy midweek fishcakes

You’ll need:
5-6 slices of stale white sourdough
Leftover white steamed or baked fish fillet (you’ll need about 300g)
1 cup mashed potato (from leftover kiplfer potatoes or large boiled potato)
2 tbsp. chopped fresh herbs – dill or chives
1 tbsp. capers
Zest from 1 lemon
1 egg
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil


Leave sourdough out to become dry for an hour before you begin cooking.  Once it feels quite dry, blitz the sourdough in a food processor until you have chunky breadcrumbs.  Divide into two equal portions.

Flake the white fish with your hands or a fork in a large mixing bowl, until it is small pieces (but not mushy).  Add half the sourdough crumbs, the mashed potato, zest, herbs, capers and egg. If the mixture seems a little dry and crumbly, add a tiny splash of milk.  If it seems too wet, add a little flour or spare breadcrumbs.

Fold together gently with a fork, being careful to combine but not completely mush the ingredients.  Season to taste.

Make handful-sized balls of mixture, and flatten into patties. Press patties gently on both sides into plate of sourdough crumbs to lightly coat. Refrigerate for 30 mins max, covered in reusable wrap.

Fry in a shallow amount of olive oil heated to medium heat, flipping carefully until golden on all sides.  Drain on paper towel or a baking rack to retain crunch.

Serve with lemon wedges, a green salad (and sweet potato chips if you’re very hungry!  We like this recipe for the crispiest fries).


easy midweek fishcakes