New Year: New Bread!

New Year: New Bread!

The New Year brings with it (for many of us) the chance to turn over a new leaf; to do more of what we know is right and healthy for us, and less of what we know to be negative, harmful or unsettling.  With this in mind, we though it was a great time of year to have a chat about our Wholey Grain range, and why including products like these in your diet can benefit your whole being.Chia Rye 1

Many of you know and love Shepherd’s for our range of nutritionally beneficial (not to mention great-tasting) food.  With over 30 gluten free, dairy free, yeast free and sugar free products baked fresh weekly, we offer those with specific dietary needs the chance to eat the food they love and miss – from wholesome bread to indulgent desserts – every day.

Last year, we were thrilled to flip this idea on its head, with the roll-out of our brand new product line, The Wholey Grain.

By focusing not on what we could leave out, but on what we could put into our bread to increase the nutritional wattage of every slice, we crafted our new Wholey Grain bread to deliver a bumper crop of benefits for your body.  Our focus was not just to tell you what’s good but also why it’s good for you…

WHOLEYGRAINLOGO1Our Wholey Grain sourdough loaves are enriched with ‘super’ grains and seeds such as Teff (quite possibly one of the wholey-est of grains) – an ancient East African grain which contains incredibly high levels of protein, calcium, iron and soluble fibre – as well as everyday favourites like sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  

With two varieties on shelves now, and two more in the test-baking stage, we’re proud that our Wholey Grain bread range not only tastes amazing, but is full of the vitamins and minerals you want your family eating.

Need to boost your energy?  Bump up your protein intake?  Improve immune Teffperformance?  There’s a superfood out there which can help you do all of these things, and chances are we’ve baked it into our delicious sourdough breads.  To find out more about exactly which vitamins and minerals, click HERE to go through to our handy Wholey Grain matrix.

The first of our Wholey Grain products – Teff & Spelt Sourdough launched this time last year, with the Chia & Rye Sourdough following shortly afterwards.  Stay tuned in 2019 for more additions and taste test them all to find your favourite!