The Best Vegetarian Pie in Sydney

The Best Vegetarian Pie in Sydney

We received this absolutely cracking review of our Mediterranean Vegetable Pie last week – a contender for the best vegetarian pie in Sydney if ever there was one – and we just had to share it with you!

It’s addressed to our Retail Manager Dean, who was (needless to say) thrilled to pass it on to the Pastry Chefs at the Bakehouse who hand-craft these pies daily.

“Dear Dean,

It is with great delight that I sit here and compose this email to communicate to you a moment of great import. I recently attended the Westfield Eastgardens shopping centre which I very rarely frequent. Whilst searching for a reputable establishment dedicated to the gustational arts I happened along your bakehouse outlet. I was quite famished and had already perused some of the other hot goods cafes that failed to have any vegetarian pies Best Vegetarian pie in Sydneywhatsoever, so I wasn’t particularly hopeful of finding one at yours.

To my great delight I discovered that not only did you sell the Mediterranean vegetarian pie, but it just might be one of the best vegetarian pies I have ever eaten. Now be sure to understand that this praise does not come lightly, nor should it to be taken so. You see, there is a story to be told here. When I was but a you adult finishing off my high school years in Townsville QLD, my father owned a pie bakery. I used to love hunkering down to my 3 curry pie lunch every weekend day, and various pie meals during the week. This instilled in me, not only a love of the flagship fast food of Aussies, but a keen sense of the best of this variety as I traveled my adult years.  Alas, at least from a pie appreciating perspective, I was to become a vegetarian in 2003 and this all but shot my chances of ever eating another truly enjoyable hot pie again.

You see, the vegetarian version of this antipodean delicacy is one that seems to have been completely overlooked in terms of pursuing it’s perfection in creation. I have searched far and wide for its existence, occasionally finding potential, yet having those hopes dashed by either ignorance pertaining to the flavour and consistency of its sauce, the outright negligence in regards to the dimensions and pliancy of its vegetable components, or the ultimate insult upon the decency of hot pie creation lore, utter lack of gnosis concerning the finest of the pastry arts, why of course the pastry itself!

For some time now I have wandered this realm as if lost, no hope of ever finding the holy grail of Vegetarian hot pies.

Dean, I stand before you, proclaiming with certitude, certainty beyond measure that the search is over. The Perfect Vegetarian Pie has been found in the form of the ‘Mediterranean’, sold to me by a humble and kind woman in the Shepherd’s Artisan Bakehouse Cafe at Eastgardens at approximately midday yesterday, a fine lunching hour if there ever was one.”

We hope you enjoyed that glowing recommendation as much as we did, and whether you’re vegetarian or not, do yourself a favour and try the best vegetarian pie in Sydney next time you’re near a Shepherd’s Bakehouse!