Sydney’s Best Hot Cross Buns are Back!

Sydney’s Best Hot Cross Buns are Back!

You heard it here first.  The fluffiest, stickiest and hands-down most delicious Hot Cross Buns in Sydney will be available to purchase at all Shepherd’s stores from Thursday, 15th February.

This includes old faves Traditional, last year’s new-kid-on-the-block Fruitless, and our 2018 superstar, Choc Caramel Hot Cross Buns.

We couldn’t decide which was the more scrumptious ingredient – decadent, rich chocolate or sweet, gooey caramel, so we thought “bugger it, let’s stick both in”. The resulting mouth-watering morsel is available at all Shepherd’s stalls and stores from today until Easter.


PLUS we’re celebrating the launch of our new Hot Cross Bun with a fabulous first-weekend deal: spend $10 at any Shepherd’s location this Sat/Sun and receive a FREE bun of your choosing!

If you’re at one of our 3 cafes, we’ll even toast and butter it for you – now there’s an irresistible deal.

Stay tuned for more on the delicious new edition to the family, including some fun serving suggestions and loads of drool-worthy photos!

But for now- everyone has their own favourite way to eat this Easter classic, and this is ours;