Meet the New Addition to Our Family – Spelt Gingerbread Men (and More!)

Meet the New Addition to Our Family – Spelt Gingerbread Men (and More!)

We’d like you to meet some cute and crunchy new friends of ours; our festive Spelt Gingerbread Family!  With two generously sized Gingerbread 1Gingerbread parents, and two adorable little Ginger kids, they’re a lovely treat to gift, to share or just to munch with a cuppa this festive season.

Our Gingerbread Families don’t like to be apart, so they come in packs of four in cute cellophane packaging which is all ready to gift – no extra wrapping required!

We’ve made our gingerbread with flour milled from Spelt, a cereal grain in the wheat family which has been cultivated for centuries in both central Europe and the middle east. It looks very similar to wheat in appearance, but the gluten in spelt flour breaks down fairly easily which makes it easier for us all to digest.

Spelt has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor, which makes it a delicious addition to the Gingerbread 8traditional Gingerbread flavours of mixed spice, golden syrup and of course, dried ginger.

Our Spelt Gingerbread Men and their families are made rich and delicious with real butter, eggs and sugar, which makes them a special indulgence guaranteed to please big kids as much as little ones!

Available from now til Dec 25th, at all Shepherd’s market stalls and stores from the week commencing Nov 26th 2018.  They have a wonderfully long shelf life, which means you can stock up now for Christmas gifts – perfect for teachers, coaches and of course, last minute gift emergencies…

Happy Festive Season from our family to yours,

Team Shepherd’s.



Gingerbread 11