Halloween Dip in Pumpkin Cob

Halloween Dip in Pumpkin Cob

Looking for inspiration for some cool Halloween food to create for next Wednesday October 31st?

Whether you’re heading to a Halloween Party or getting something nutritious into a posse of pint-sized ghosts and witches before they head out trick-or-treating, this great Halloween recipe is perfect – and SO simple!

All you need to do is head to your nearest Shepherd’s store or stall this weekend, buy one of our special, limited edition Halloween Pumpkin Cob breads (and a few extra ingredients) and spend 10 minutes whipping up this tasty dip.

Then, just hollow out the Pumpkin Cob carefully (retaining the bread from inside for dipping) and bake lightly until crispy.
Remove the cob from the oven, leave to cool until it’s just warm and then gently pour and spoon in the dip (recipe below).

Decorate with a big sprig of coriander and serve on a platter with the lightly toasted bread chunks, plus chunky carrot and celery sticks for dipping.

Halloween Food: Dip in Pumpkin Cob Recipe

500g diced pumpkin (1cm cubes)
1 clove garlic, crushed
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 tablespoons Greek or Natural (unsweetened yogurt)
Fresh coriander (2 tablespoons finely chopped + extra to serve)
Salt and Pepper, Olive Oil

Microwave pumpkin and a tablespoon water in a heatproof dish covered with cling film for 3-4 minutes until tender.
In a large frypan over medium heat, fry garlic and cumin in olive oil for 1 minute, then add pumpkin.
Fry until soft, then remove. Add pumpkin and the yogurt into a blender and whiz until it forms a thick dip consistency – not too pureed, a few chunks are nice!
Add chopped coriander, salt and pepper to taste, and stir through with a spoon


The finished result!
The finished result!