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We simply bake beautiful food. Artisan baking is what we know best and what we love doing. We expect the same love and attention to detail from all the people we work with. The result of this mutual understanding is exceptional, handcrafted artisan food made using fresh and natural ingredients sourced from local farmers.

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Bread was first leavened approximately 6000 years ago, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the commercialisation of bread began. Today, it’s thought that the advent of quickly made, high volume bread may have contributed to adverse health and dietary conditions in western societies.

Sourdough bread is different. It’s made using a natural leaven (fermented flour and water) which contains wild yeast and good bacteria. Sourdough offers many benefits like easier digestion, more nutrients and a lower GI – throw in that beautiful taste and it’s no wonder it has stood the test of time.

Shepherd’s sourdough is made slowly using traditional handcraft methods. It’s also yeast free, dairy free, sugar free, egg free and contains no preservative or additives

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Charcoal Milk <br/> Bun

Charcoal Milk

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Charcoal Sourdough <br /> 1.2kg

Charcoal Sourdough

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Charcoal Sourdough <br/> 780g

Charcoal Sourdough

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NEW Activated Charcoal Bread

NEW Activated Charcoal Bread

Introducing our NEW Activated Charcoal Bread range, with two different sized loaves of charcoal sourdough and a generously-sized charcoal milk bun for burgers! It’s blacker than night. Blacker than a blackboard. Blacker than penguins…. and it tastes great too. But WHY? Why make black bread at all? Firstly, the WOW factor is undeniable.  Whether you’re…

Halloween Dip in Pumpkin Cob

Halloween Dip in Pumpkin Cob

Looking for inspiration for some cool Halloween food to create for next Tuesday October 31st? Whether you’re heading to a Halloween Party or getting something nutritious into a posse of pint-sized ghosts and witches before they head out trick-or-treating, this great Halloween recipe is perfect – and SO simple! All you need to do is…

Long Weekend Value Packs – WIN One This Week!

Long Weekend Value Packs – WIN One This Week!

What are you doing this long weekend in Sydney? For many people, watching one or more football finals dominates the agenda. For others, family time around a BBQ or at one of Sydney’s many beautiful parks or beaches will be the answer. Either way, we’ve taken care of the catering for you with our Long…


If you operate a retail or catering business which requires baked products or, indeed, if you’re a customer who would like to recommend us to your local foodie outlet, we can deliver directly 7 days a week to most locations in the Sydney metropolitan area.