Clean Eating Made Easy!

Is achieving a balanced lifestyle centred around clean eating – i.e. a sustainable, nutritious diet, occasional clean treats and regular exercise – on your priority list for this year?  You’re not alone.  In Australia, more and more people are looking beyond quick, weight loss-oriented fads and towards lifelong, sustainable changes which support us to feel and look our best for life, not just for summer!

We are seeking out foods which are free from added sugar, dairy and gluten, or which are suitable for raw or vegan diets.  Healthy food which makes us feel better in our own skins, but is also satisfyingly tasty too, so we don’t feel like we’re missing out on life’s sweet moments…

Clean Eats, Clean Treats is the way we like to describe this food philosophy.  It’s not about denying yourself what you enjoy, because we all know that’s not a sustainable way to live.  Instead, it’s driven by clean eats Perky Peanut Vegan Donutthe idea of being mindful about what we put in our mouths, and creative in replacing our old less-healthy favourite goodies with new, clean treats which are just as nourishing for our bodies as they are for our souls.

It’s this thinking – combined with the passion we’ve always had for high quality, handmade food – that led us to Bernadette, owner and head chef of Nice Kitty.  Nice Kitty produce the finest, most delicious and most insanely moreish raw, clean treats we’ve EVER tasted.  The range of raw bars is inventive, while respecting much-loved flavour combinations we can’t live without (the ‘Clean’ Bounty bar is a revelation!) Nice Kitty clean treats are nourishing, without giving any sense that you’re compromising on taste for the sake of health.

Every ingredient is the best money can buy, in it’s most natural state, with no preservatives or additives of any kind.  Every box is ticked for you – no refined sugar, no dairy, no animal products, no gluten – in short, no guilt!

We’re beyond excited to announce that as of February 2019, Nice Kitty is joining the Shepherd’s family, with 7 of their most-loved Raw Bars becoming available through Shepherd’s stores, market stalls and for our wholesale customers.  More products will be added to the range in the coming months, and all will be available to purchase online and in store from 2020.

Love to check out their ingredients?  Click HERE to go to our Product Page and view the range in detail!

We can’t wait for you to try them for yourselves, and challenge you to pick a favourite… good luck, because after many taste tests, we still can’t!  And once you do taste our new Nice Kitty clean treats, we’d love to hear what you think of them via social media, or feel free to drop us a line with your feedback to .

Here’s to a balanced, happy you!

Team Shepherd’s




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