Your New Favourite Shopping Bag is Here and It’s Free!

Your New Favourite Shopping Bag is Here and It’s Free!

Are you the sort of person who will do anything to avoid making two trips from the car to the house when bringing in the groceries?

If this is you, you’re going to need a really good bag on your side. That’s why, to celebrate the refresh of our Castle Towers store (opening up again Thursday, December 5), we’ll be giving away one of these cute, high-quality totes to any customers who buy 2 loaves of bread (or you can grab one for $10)!

We created these handy shopping bags as part of our sustainability initiative which we’re ramping up in 2019 and we hope that it helps to reduce plastic use – so please keep yours handy and bring it back next time round!

They’re generously roomy, strong, reliable and will make transitioning away from plastic bags super easy (and stylish).

If you know how large our loaves are, then you can understand why a bag that can fit two Shepherd’s sourdoughs in it with extra wiggle room is an instant favourite. Fully machine washable, it will look good as new no matter how many high-carb workouts it goes on.

Sourdough also freezes really well so take one to eat now, and one for later, and save yourself a trip to the shops.

They’ll be handed out as stocks last, so get in quick to make sure you don’t miss out!