The ‘Stach Goes Nuts!

The ‘Stach Goes Nuts!

Like a good parent loves all of their children equally, here at the Bakehouse we’d like to say we love all of our creations, both sweet and savoury, just the same.  But that, I’m afraid, would be a lie…

There are some products which, by virtue of being EXTRA delicious and popular, demand more of our attention and affection than the rest, and the king of these at Shepherd’s is the Pistachio, Pear and Rhubarb Croissant – fondly known as “the ‘Stach”.

Larger than your average sized croissant to begin with, the ‘Stach bulks up big time when it undergoes an amazing transformation at the hands of our pastry chefs, to become the gorgeous big brute we all know and love.  Stuffed full of sweet stewed pear and tart rhubarb (plus a few other secret ingredients), the ‘Stach is then encrusted with a crunchy, moreish layer of crushed pistachios and almond sugar paste before being baked to golden perfection.  It’s big enough to share between two, but we’ve found that strangely, no one seems to want to share after the first bite…

We won’t lie and say it’s as good for you as a slice of our quinoa sourdough bread.  The ‘Stach sits proudly in the ‘sometimes food’ category – a treat to be enjoyed once a week or so, with a great cup of coffee or tea.  But the proof is in the pudding for this golden child; no matter how many we bake a week, they all sell out by mid morning at each of our cafes and markets and outsell our other croissants 2 to 1!

So, if you’re yet to try one for yourself, get in early to your nearest Shepherd’s Artisan Bakehouse, and be prepared with a bunch of serviettes for the messiest, yummiest, most heavenly croissant you’re ever likely to taste.

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