Shepherd’s… Your Sydney Bakery with a Difference!

Shepherd’s… Your Sydney Bakery with a Difference!

Google the phrase Sydney Bakery, and you’ll find literally thousands of results – a mind-boggling array of bakeries both large and small who call Sydney their home.

Many of these are wonderful bakeries – indeed some have operated for so long they are almost institutions – but none, in our humble opinion, can compete with us for the title of Sydney’s best bakery.

Here are our Top 5 reasons to give Shepherd’s a try…

1) A Sydney Bakery with “Outside-of-Sydney” Prices

One of our core beliefs is that you shouldn’t have to be wealthy to eat well.  Sourdough bread, our main product, is a food which has many nutritional benefits and ideally should be accessible to everyone in Sydney, not only those with large double incomes who live in the inner suburbs.

As such, we always have, and always will, ensure our loaves of sourdough are good value and a reasonable price to allow families across Sydney to shop at our bakery.

2) A Huge Range of Sourdough Bread Options  sydneys best bakeries

Not content with simply sticking to white, wholemeal and grain varieties of bread, we’ve created over 20 different flavours of sourdough bread, making us the Sydney bakery with the largest variety of bread available.

From the humble white sourdough loaf, to the fashionable Quinoa and Chia-enriched versions, our range of sourdough will keep your tastebuds guessing and ensures there’s something for every palate!

3) No Sydney Bakery Does More Farmers Markets

We absolutely LOVE farmers markets.  They’re where we got our start, they’re adaptable and ever-changing, and they’re our best opportunity for chatting with our customers and gaining a true understanding of what they want from their local Sydney bakery.

This is why we operate in over 10 different farmers markets regularly, with more being added all the time.

 4) We celebrate the good times with you!

We’re renowned for coming up with seasonal treats to celebrate those red-letter days in style.  From our famous Lamington Pops for Australia Day, to our gluten free Fruit Mince Pies at Christmas, we enjoy bringing out delicious novelties to help make your special days that little bit more special!

5) We worry about your well-being too…sydney bakery

From our ‘Wholey Grain’ superfood-enriched range of breads (such as the Chia Rye and Teff Spelt sourdough breads) to our 100% preservative free bakehouse, we make your health and well-being a priority in every new product we develop.  No, our bakery treats aren’t all healthy.  But there’s more than enough healthy options – and plenty of information about WHY specific ingredients benefit your body – to balance out those ‘once in a while’ foods (croissants, I’m looking at you here).

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