Soup from a Bakery?

Soup from a Bakery?

Suzanne works in the commercial kitchen part of our Bakehouse, and is the wife of our Production Supervisor, David Luong.  She’s from Vietnam by way of Hong Kong, and she makes a mean, Asian-style soup; without a lie, the best any of us have ever tasted.  She loves to cobble together the recipes of friends and colleagues from different Asian backgrounds, and give them her own, Hong Kong street-food style spin – with outstanding results.

We couldn’t let this talent go to waste.  Plus with the weather cooling off, we’d been tossing around ideas for new comfort food we could sell alongside our crusty sourdough rolls at our bakery cafes.

And so, the idea behind Suzanne’s Soups was born…

Plenty of recipe tweaking and test-cooking ensued (it was a real hardship having to be Suzanne’s guinea pigs, I can tell you) before we decided on our two favourite flavours – a Thai/Vietnamese fusion curry chicken soup, rich and creamy with ginger, lemongrass, white wine and coconut, as well as a Hong Kong style chilli beef broth, which takes its cues from lighter Vietnamese soups and is made with beef spare rib, rice paddy herbs, fresh vegetables and star anise.

They’re both available throughout winter at our Westfield Eastgardens and Castle Towers bakery cafes.  Who knows, if you all love these soups as much as we do, they may stick around – it’s up to you, people.  Get in store, taste them and tell us what you think!