5 Tasty Uses For Stale Bread

5 Tasty Uses For Stale Bread

Waste not, want not… don’t throw out your stale bread, try one of the 5 tasty uses for stale bread recommended by our Head Chef, Martin Wrighton, including two we do at Shepherd’s (sausage rolls and croutons)…

Oh and use any type of bread in these recipes – sourdough gives great depth of flavour but whatever you have – including our gluten free bread – will work.

1) Schnitzel Heaven.sausage rolls stale bread
Bought schnitzels have nothing on these babies. Dust your chicken, veal or pork schnitzels (or thick cut eggplant slices for vegetarians) in plain flour, then dip in an egg and milk mixture before pressing on your crumb. For an extra delicious result, whiz your stale bread along with some Parmesan and herbs in your blender and create gourmet bread crumbs at home!
2) Sausage Roll My Way.
Ever make homemade sausage rolls for the kids lunches? They’re surprisingly easy. Mix 500g finely ground mince with 2 good handfuls of bread crumbs (from whizzing stale bread), a grated carrot and an egg. Create sausage shapes, wrap them in puff pastry and baste with eggwash before baking in a medium oven for around 20 mins.
3) Bread & Butter Me Up.
Bread and Butter Pudding is a quintessential English treat, and it’s as easy as can be with this terrific recipe. Also works well with stale croissants!
4) Crouton Crazy.
Nothing could be an easier way to use up stale bread than by cutting it into chunky cubes, spraying with cooking oil and baking in a moderate oven until golden. Toss through a salad or sprinkle over your favourite comfort soup!
5) Go Italiano with Pangrattato.
There’s something exotic about serving Spaghetti with Pangrattato, even though it is, essentially, carbs topped with more carbs. But don’t let this deter you – it’s absolutely delicious and a great way to use stale bread! This recipe gives you simple instructions for creating pangrattato, and from there the world is your oyster – use as a delicious topping for steamed white fish, sprinkle on a hearty risotto or a robust barley salad.