Prickly Pineapple Donut

Prickly Pineapple Donut

Raw, clean vegan donuts are in the house!

Picky about the food you eat and want only the most delicious healthy treats, made with premium quality ingredients?

We are too.  That’s why we created our range of clean, 100% natural and raw bars, bites and donuts, including our latest flavour sensation, Prickly Pineapple!

Made with luscious dehydrated pineapple from sunny QLD along with dates, coconut, almonds and organic agave syrup to add extra sweetness, our Picky Pineapple Bar is like a holiday to the tropical north in a snack!

Plus, pineapple is a megastar when it comes to fruit with health credentials.  It’s packed with nutrients, antioxidants and other helpful compounds, such as enzymes that can fight inflammation and disease.  It can also aid digestion, boost immunity and speed up recovery from surgery – all this while tasting absolutely delicious!

Do your body a favour and try our Pineapple range – including our Picky Pineapple Bar and Prickly Pineapple Donut – today!


Dehydrated pineapple, dates, raw almonds, coconut, organic agave syrup, coconut oil, vegan white chocolate, natural pineapple extract, turmeric

  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Refined Sugar
  • Raw
  • Plant Based