Our Lamingtons Rated Best in Sydney!

Our Lamingtons Rated Best in Sydney!

We’ve always thought our lamingtons were among the best in Sydney.

So we were rapt to hear from our friends at Travelicious Tours (who visit our Eveleigh Markets stall as part of their ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour of the farmers market) that they’ve rated them as being in their Top 3 lamingtons in Sydney in their recently published article on Sydney Weekend Notes blogsite.

A link is below to the article, but we thought we’d copy the text into this blog as well, because we’re just a tiny bit proud.

A few facts about our lamingtons;

1) The sponge is made by hand in our bakehouse only hours before you buy them.  We don’t pre-bake and freeze our sponge, and we’d never, ever buy it in.

2) We offer five varieties year-round; our original standard chocolate, cream-filled chocolate, raspberry, cream-filled raspberry and the almighty Pashington, which is a bright golden lamington filled with fresh cream and passionfruit coulis.

3) This year we are indeed launching a limited edition Lamington – stay tuned to find out more closer to Australia Day!


PashingtonThe Best Lamingtons in Sydney

Lamingtons are certainly not hard to find in any Aussie city ahead of Australia Day, but finding a truly GOOD lamington, one worthy of buying in bulk, wrapping up in a big red & blue bow and taking to a BBQ can be a challenge.

What makes the perfect lamington? A spongy, light-as-air interior is mandatory, as is a thick mid-section of REAL, fresh cream and sweet fruity jam. The whole scrumptious package then needs to be sealed with a generous layer of chocolatey chocolate, before being liberally coated in shaved or shredded coconut. Desiccated is so 1980, darling.