Anzac Day at Home 2020

Anzac Day at Home 2020

Commemorate Anzac Day at home with our feast of Aussie goodies from Shepherd’s plus some smart ideas to help you mark the occasion without leaving your house.

Though we’re unable to attend the Dawn Service, show our support at an Anzac march or play two-up at the pub this year, we hope these yummy goodies and bright ideas will help to make your Anzac Day at home one still to remember.anzac day at home

ANZAC DAY AT HOME – Our Favourite Ideas:

1.Feast on traditional Aussie goodies!  Make your own with the family – or if that’s not your thing, head in store to a Shepherd’s near you or hit up our online store and pick up our Anzac Day Value Pack which includes a 6-Pack of handmade Anzac Biscuits from Nice Kitty, a box of Lamb Shank & Red Wine Pies and two White Sourdough Loaves – perfect for Vegemite on toast and bacon sarnies…

2. Watch the Dawn Service on TV.  The Australian War Memorial will go ahead with a private, nationally-televised Anzac Day commemorative service, which will be held at 5:30am on Anzac Day.  More details are available here.    The New WW2 Gallery at the Australian War Memorial - Australian ...

3. Make Anzac Day craft with the kids.  Some great ideas are available online, to make with things you might have lying around at home already.  Help explain the importance of this national day to your kids (and keep them off the screens for an hour or two)!  We like these ideas from parenting website Ella’s List.

4. Play a game of Two-Up in the backyard – or via Zoom!  Sure, it’s not likely to be quite as much fun as betting on the coins in a rowdy crowd at your local pub or RSL, but a game of two-up with the family in the backyard, or via Zoom with a few mates if you live alone could be a fun way to commemorate the Anzacs and spend Anzac Day at home this year.  For rules, check out this blog from a local Sydney RSL here.