Gold Day 2017 with Sydney Kids Hospital

Gold Day 2017 with Sydney Kids Hospital

It’s hard to know who gets more out of the annual Shepherd’s Gold Day morning tea at Sydney Children’s Hospital – the parents and patients whose stressful days are brightened with a special treat, the incredible staff who enjoy a well-deserved handmade goodie on their rare breaks, or the Shepherd’s team who have the chance to witness first-hand the bravery and cheerfulness displayed by all on the wards, every single day.Gold telethon

Yes, this year we again baked, iced, filled and served over 200 of our specially-created Pashingtons to help support the Sydney Children’s Hospital for their annual fundraiser, Gold Day, which kicks off a month of events culminating in the famous Gold Telethon.

Our award-winning golden treats were hand-delivered by Jack and Lauren to over a dozen wards and were enthusiastically gobbled up by those patients who could (and were allowed) to eat them, doctors, nurses, specialists and plenty of hungry parents and grandparents who relished the chance to eat something that’s not your typical ‘hospital food’.

2017 is our third year helping out on Gold Day – in fact we created our Pashingtons originally for the 2015 event – and we were rapt to see many familiar faces and overhear people reminiscing about the previous events we’ve provided baked goodies for.  At times, when we opened a box of Pashingtons after entering a ward the tropical smell of the passionfruit coulis, combined with the sugary waft of the icing, had people wandering over faster than we could hand out the serviettes!

If you’d like to donate to this worthy appeal, which raises funds for the Sydney Children’s Hospital and the initiatives they coordinate, click HERE to jump over to their website and make a contribution.

Here are some great snaps from the 2017 Gold Day morning tea – there are more on our Facebook and Instagram too if you’re interested, and some videos too.

Until next year, all the best,

The Shepherd’s Team.