Eat Well for Less with Shepherd’s ‘4-For’ Deal

Eat Well for Less with Shepherd’s ‘4-For’ Deal

If you’re trying to eat well for less and finding it a challenge to feed your family high quality food without going broke 4-for imagein the process, you’re certainly not alone.  With Sydneysiders paying among the highest prices in the world for groceries, it can be difficult to afford to stock the pantry with gourmet, nutritious food each week… let alone having loose change left over for treats!

1At Shepherd’s, we’re proud to say that ‘Value’ is in our DNA, by which we mean that making handmade, healthy and downright delicious food affordable for EVERYONE – not just those in the top income bracket – is of the utmost important to us.

That’s why we’re excited to be launching a new offer, which rewards you for your loyalty (and great taste) with cash back in your wallet.  We call it our ‘4-For’ deal, and it couldn’t be simpler.

Buy ANY four products from any Shepherd’s store in one transaction – it could be a loaf of sourdough, a coffee for yourself and two healthy handmade sausage rolls for the kids – and you’ll receive 10% off the total.

That’s right – any 4 items; they don’t have to be the same, and beverages are included.

Grab four Mediterranean Baguettes squareRoast Vegetable pies for a quick and easy veggie family meal and save.  Shout your workmates a round of coffees for less.  Buy a box of four of our famous Croissants for weekend brunch and get cash back in your pocket then and there.  It’s easy, it’s straight-forward, and you’re absolutely guaranteed to come out on top.

Plus, there’s no expiration date on this offer, which commences May 25 2018.  So long as our customers love it, we’ll keep the ‘4-for’ deal rolling…

We’ll see you in store at Westfield Eastgardens, Narellan Town Centre and Castle Towers!

Team Shepherd’s