5 Chia Health Benefits You Might Not Know

5 Chia Health Benefits You Might Not Know

Chia, like it’s superfood cousins Quinoa and Teff, is tiny, light and nutritionally dense.

Originating from South America with a long history of importance in indigenous diets, Chia is now making its way into the pantries and plates of ordinary Australians – and what better way to eat it than in your daily loaf of bread?  chia rye sourdough

Here are 5 Chia Health Benefits We Love:

1) Chia contains unusually high levels of OMEGA 3 fatty acids – around 18% – which are critical for brain and heart health. We humans usually get these essential acids from oily fish and nuts, but pound for pound Chia rules them all.

2)  This nutritional powerhouse was a vital food source for Aztec warriors because it’s a LOW GI food which means it offers slow-release energy.  The warriors were able to exist for several days of fighting and running on just a handful of Chia seeds, which they wore in a small pouch tied around their necks!

3) Much like Quinoa, Chia seeds also rank among the top plant based sources of PROTEIN, an essential amino acid critical for muscle growth and repair.  Chia is also a source of good fats in your diet, which can be hard to get especially if you’re vegan.

4) Chia is great at getting more water into your diet, if you find it difficult to drink the recommended 2 litres daily.  The only catch is you do need to SOAK it first to achieve these benefits.  The waterlogged seeds then release water in your gut throughout the digestive process.

5) Chia is super high in fibre – in fact according to Choice magazine, these tiny seeds are 34% fibre.  This means that just 2 tablespoons can give you almost half your daily fibre, which can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers, and can also improve digestive health.


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