Check Out Those Buns!

Check Out Those Buns!

Does it get any cooler than this?  Our brioche burger buns, beloved of chefs and diners across Sydney, have hit the big time with an appearance on Channel 7’s Restaurant Revolution! The teams, each of whom is aiming to run the most successful ‘pop-up’ restaurant to win the competition, were this week given the challenge to create a burger which reflects their restaurant’s style.

Chef Dom Aboud, representing Sydney, decided to create a classic, old-school cheeseburger, and turned to the team at our Parramatta Farmer’s Market stall for help with the all-important bun!

Director Jack Mitri himself was manning the stall that day, alongside local girl Ashlee, and they were quick to order up the 150+ buns needed for the special. The restaurant needed them in 2 hours, so back at the Bakehouse we stopped making all other loaves and sweets, and exclusively began hand shaping and baking this order, to have them to the set in time for the lunch rush.

In the end, it was all worth it when the burger Dom and his team created was a HUGE success and ended up making the most money of any in the competition!  No doubt due to the soft, sweetish brioche buns from Shepherds… of course! To watch the whole episode, click here



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