Changes to Online Order Delivery

Changes to Online Order Delivery

Imagine waking up, walking out to your front porch and finding a special delivery of your favourite baked goodies, waiting for you on the doorstep – sound like heaven? We’re about to make it a reality!

As we’re all aware, lockdown restrictions are being gradually lifted this month. Most households will go from having someone – if not everyone – home during the day to again heading off to work and school early each weekday morning. Traffic jams are also on their way back (booooo) with even more cars than usual expected to be on the roads, due to public transport limitations.

All of which means that as a business, it’s time for us to again adapt to a new situation and find a more suitable way to deliver our products to you, our wonderful customers.

From Tuesday 26th May, our deliveries will shift from taking place during the day, to occurring very early each morning – between 2am and 6am for the majority of orders. This not only means that most people will be at home still to safely put away their food (or enjoy it for breakfast!) it also enables us to complete deliveries before the traffic kicks off.

If you’re in an apartment, and usually buzz us in, please get in touch to discuss how we can deliver to your home within this new time frame.  We have confidence that we will be able to manage most deliveries safely and without too much difficulty.

In addition, we are investigating ways to add more suburbs and regions (further out from the Sydney Metro zone) to our delivery areas. If you’ve been waiting for us to begin delivering to your area, stay tuned because we hope to have good news for you soon!

Finally, Click & Collect will continue as an option as before, with one exception – it will no longer be available on Monday, due to staffing requirements in other parts of the business.

Phew!  So, who’s ready to order?  CLICK HERE to head to our ordering site and begin selecting your fresh handmade sourdough, pastries and Nice Kitty treats!

Thanks, Team Shepherd’s