RECIPE: German Rye Sourdough with Trout & Pickles

RECIPE: German Rye Sourdough with Trout & Pickles

Is there anything nicer on a weekend than sitting down in a sunny spot and enjoying a long lazy brunch with great company and simple, nourishing, delicious food?

After a leisurely cruise round your local growers market, it’s so satisfying to get into the kitchen and prepare a meal from the ingredients you selected – but you don’t want to spend all day slaving away while everyone else is relaxing.

That’s why this recipe makes the ideal weekend meal. Perfect for a late breakfast, early lunch, or even a light dinner, all it takes is a half hour of prep at some stage earlier in the week, and come the weekend, you’re ready to roll. The ingredients we’ve used can be found at many farmers markets but feel free to substitute similar products if the specific ones we’ve mentioned aren’t available.

You’ll need:


Thickly slice your sourdough and lightly toast under the grill. Once toasted, leave to cool slightly.

While cooling, dress your rocket with a small drizzle of olive oil and a little of the brine from your pickles (use two parts oil to one part brine).

Assemble your awesome open sandwiches with a thick slathering of trout rillettes, a small handful of the dressed rocket and a few pickle slices.  Add fresh ground black pepper but go easy on the salt, as the pickle will be salty enough. Yum!

Homemade Pickles – Slice a large cucumber as you would for a salad (leave skin on). Mix ½ cup of water, 1 cup of your favourite vinegar (e.g. malt, apple cider, white wine) and a tablespoon of mustard and/or caraway seeds. Layer cucumber into a clean medium sized jar, pouring in the vinegar mixture as you layer until the jar is totally full. Seal with the lid and refrigerate at least one week before eating. Gets better with age!

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