Raspberry Lamington – Jam & Cream Filled

Raspberry Lamington – Jam & Cream Filled

The original Aussie treat with a twist – sponge dipped in raspberry jelly icing and coated in coconut.  Cut open and filled with whipped cream and strawberry jam.

Listed as one of Sydney’s Top 3 Lamingtons in 2016!  Read more here…

Pictured on the left of image with Chocolate version on right.


SPONGE: Sugar, wheat flour, egg, starches, emulsifiers, yeast, water, non-fat milk solids, sugar syrup, vegetable gum, preservative, salt, soy flour.

COATING: Sugar, gelatine, thickener, vegetable oil.  Desiccated coconut.

FILLING: Whipped cream, strawberry jam.


Raspberry Lamington Cream