Passionfruit Lamington ‘Pashington’

Passionfruit Lamington ‘Pashington’

The original Aussie treat with a twist, sponge rolled in passionfruit flavoured icing and coated in coconut.  Cut open and filled with whipped cream and passionfruit coulis.

Originally developed as Gold Day Telethon morning tea item for Sydney Children’s Hospital and listed as one of Sydney’s Top 3 Lamingtons in 2016!  Read more here…

Pictured on the left of image with Raspberry version on right.


SPONGE: Sugar, wheat flour, egg, starches, emulsifiers, yeast, water, non-fat milk solids, sugar syrup, vegetable gum, preservative, salt, soy flour.

COATING: Sugar, gelatine, thickener, vegetable oil, colouring.  Desiccated coconut.

FILLING: Whipped cream, passionfruit coulis (passionfruit pulp, sugar, water, gelatine).