Chocolate Truffles 25g

Chocolate Truffles 25g

Rich with nuts – pistachios, almonds and pecans – and dried fruit including sour cherries, our new Chocolate Truffles are the perfect after dinner treat for festive gatherings.

These delicious Chocolate Truffles, which are sold in gift packs of six, are studded throughout with Amaretto biscuits, and dusted with either icing sugar or Dutch cocoa.  We love that they’re not OVERLY sweet, which just makes it even easier to eat two or three in one go!

They make a wonderful gift for Secret Santas, teachers or coaches, and are great to keep on hand for last minute presents.


Sweetened condensed milk, Belgian chocolate, cocoa powder, almond meal, pistachios, pecans, almonds, dried sour cherries, Amaretto liquor, Amaretto biscuits, icing sugar.