Chia & Teff Gluten Free Bread

Chia & Teff Gluten Free Bread

Why should the gluten-tolerant have all the health benefits of chia and teff?

With our gluten free customers in mind, we’ve developed this delicious new bread – based on our popular brown rice flour loaf – which stars two of the most nutritious ingredients in the superfood pantry, the tiny but mighty teff and chia.

Like its Gluten Free brothers and sister loaves, our Chia & Teff bread toasts perfectly, is not at all crumbly, and has a crust like “real” bread.  We don’t boast that it’s Sydney’s BEST gluten-free bread for nothing!


(Tiny white and blackish seeds on top and throughout loaf)

An ancient grain from South America, chia has an unusually high content (18%) of omega-3 fatty acids – essential fats that are important for heart health and brain function which are found usually in oily fish. It earns its superfood tag by also being also extremely high in fibre for digestive health (helps you feel full longer too!) as well as protein for muscle repair and building and calcium for bone health. Read more about this mighty grain right here in our blog post!


Teff is an ancient East African grain which contains incredibly high levels of protein, calcium, iron and soluble fibre.  It is used whole, rather than being milled, which further increases our capacity to absorb nutrients.  Teff is also recognised as being a resistant starch: and eating foods rich in resistant starch nourishes your gut bacteria, which helps maintain intestinal health and reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer.


Potato flour, rice flour, maize starch, soy flour, yeast, raw sugar, guar gum, salt, vegetable oil, water, chia seeds, teff.