Black Tahini and Pistachio Energy Balls

Black Tahini and Pistachio Energy Balls

Delicious, nutty and free from refined sugar, gluten and dairy, our Energy Balls make the perfect snack for the health-conscious sweet tooth!

Perfect for people following a Paleo diet, these handy little snacks are enriched with chia seeds, tahini and nuts for their high protein content, and dried fruit – dates, apricots, sultanas and currants – for an energy boost.

With the addition of cinnamon for flavour and for its anti-inflammatory properties, our Energy Balls are a guilt-free treat ideal for before a workout, or for kids lunchboxes!


Black tahini, apricots, coconut oil, dates, currants, sultanas, honey, chia seeds, pistachios, coconut, maple syrup, vanilla bean, almonds.

Nutritional Information:

Tahini Protein Balls NP