New Baker, New Pies

New Baker, New Pies

Want to try our new pie flavour at any Shepherd’s stall or store for $1 off this weekend 2 & 3 April?  Read on…

We believe in the ‘sink or swim’ method of inducting new recruits to our hallowed bakehouse floor.  Not content with merely having new Head Chef (Food Production Manager) Martin Wrighton memorize and replicate all of our current crowd-pleasing pastry recipes, we tasked him with a new mission on Day 3 in the role.

His mission (which thankfully he accepted) was to come up with a brand new pie to join our growing family of world-flavour-inspired, award winning rustic pies.

With Thai Chicken, Mexican Beef, Mediterranean Vegetable, Moroccan Lamb and Scottish Shepherd’s Pie already keeping the good old Aussie Beef company in the pie warmer, it was no mean feat to think of a cuisine we HADN’T adapted into a pie filling yet, but Martin tackled the task head on.

Rounds of test-cooking ensued, and after about a week, the hungry team in the Shepherd’s office were introduced to the incredibly delicious-smelling Chicken Leek & Mushroom Fricassee Pie.

IMG_2074So French!  Tres chic!

Slice open one of these guys and you’ll find a creamy, silky filling packed with chunks of juicy grilled chicken breast, tender sliced mushrooms – both button and shitake for added flavour oomph – and sauteed leeks.

Lightly seasoned and wrapped in our signature golden puff pastry topped with poppy seeds for extra crunch, this pie looks set to head straight to the top of the charts at our stalls and stores across Sydney.

And the good news for you is, this weekend (2 & 3 April), you can try the Chicken Fricassee Pie at any Shepherd’s stall or store for $1 off!  No code, no secret handshake – just ask your Shepherd’s team member.


As for Martin?  There’s no rest for the wicked, and as soon as the new pie creation was ticked off his ‘to do’  list, another task mysteriously appeared in it’s place.  Not giving any clues, but there is another public holiday coming up soon, right?

Stay tuned food fans.