The Inseparables: Coffee and Croissants Belong Together!

The Inseparables: Coffee and Croissants Belong Together!

Gin and Tonic. Bread and Butter. Jam and Cream. Some things just go together!

As far as we’re concerned, Coffee and Croissants belong on that list of inseparable pairs.

On its own, sinking your teeth into a sweet, buttery croissant – crispCoffee croissant jpeg on the outside, chewy in the middle and topped with nuts or chocolate – is one of life’s great pleasures… but wash it down with a hot, strong coffee and you take that enjoyment to a whole other level.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is on this one, with our June Inseparable Croissant and Coffee offer.

For just $7.00, at any Shepherd’s bakery cafe, you can pick up a famous Shepherd’s Croissant – choose from Plain, Belgian Chocolate, Almond, Apple and Walnut or Pear, Rhubarb and Pistachio – and a piping hot regular coffee.

With our new house-blend beans from Mutch & Moore now grinding, you’re guaranteed a deliciously rich coffee – perfect with that yummy croissant.

From now, until the end of June…



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