‘Great Aussie Pie Comp’ Medals for Sydney’s Best Pies

‘Great Aussie Pie Comp’ Medals for Sydney’s Best Pies

Well, the results of the annual Great Aussie Pie Comp are in, and we are thrilled to have scored not one but TWO medals for some of our outstanding pastry products, which we’ve always (quietly) felt were among Sydney’s best pies….

This year we won:

BRONZE in the Sausage Roll Category for our Classic Sausage Roll
BRONZE in the Gourmet Meat Pie Category for our Beef Curry Pie with Yogurtsausage roll 2

While we reckon all of our pies are great, to take out gongs for the whole of Australia is pretty special and we weren’t surprised at all that it was these two products which received the medals.

Many people have said that our Classic Sausage Roll is one of the best they’ve ever tasted, and that it doesn’t give them indigestion as some sausage rolls do. We believe the secret lies in the high quality mince we use, and the sourdough bread crumbs – from our own loaves – which lightens the filling.

The Beef Curry Pie, our newest, has been a superstar from the start, though it sparked some heated words during the creative process – pun intended. Too hot? Not hot enough? It’s a fine line, and a personal thing. We think this medal proves we’ve gotten the flavour profile – and the chili quotient – just right.

To celebrate, we’d love you to try our medal-winning pie and sausage rolls this weekend for just $9 total (usually $10-$11).
And if you don’t like chili? Don’t sweat it – we’re happy for you to taste another of our great pies instead, along with any sausage roll still for $9.

It’s our way of saying WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

T’s and C’s:
Aussie Pie Comp Deal runs 14th – 17th September inclusive at all market stalls and Shepherd’s cafes.
Further information on medallists in the Great Aussie Pie Comp can be found by clicking the link here.

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