Why Choose One When You Can Take “4 For” Less?

Why Choose One When You Can Take “4 For” Less?

Choice. It’s undeniably a privilege of our modern affluent lives, but it can also present us with daily conundrums – like whether to go with a beef or chicken pie, or a classic croissant such as Almond, versus something more out-there like Pear, Rhubarb and Pistachio.

We’re pleased to say we have an answer to this problem. Don’t choose just one, choose FOUR delicious Shepherd’s products, for far less than you’d expect to pay!4-For Temp PullUp Draft

From the creative (and bargain-friendly) brains who bought you our smash-hit “Inseparable” Croissant + Coffee Deal, comes the “4-For” range of offers, hitting our bakery cafes this week.

Stock up on freezer-friendly pies for workday lunches or dodge dessert duty for your next dinner party with huge savings on our entire range, beginning with Week One Offers below:

Gourmet Pies:
4 for $20

Filled Croissants:
4 for $17

Brioche Bombs:
4 for $16

Stay tuned as we’ll continue to roll out new “4-For” offers throughout the coming weeks, and we’ll see you in store!


Terms and Conditions:

Choose any 4 items from the same category (eg Croissants, Pies, Brioche Bombs) for the advertised price.  Items can not be bought at advertised price per item individually, only in pack of 4.  Items can not be mixed (e.g. 2 x croissants, 2 x pies).

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