Muesli Springs To Life

Muesli Springs To Life

It’s been a looong, cold winter and I for one am glad to see the sunshine.  For all the usual reasons, yes, but also because I am SICK of eating porridge.  As the weather cools in May, I can’t wait to start boiling up pots of this wonderfully warming, nourishing breakfast staple, but by September?  I hope to never see my trusty canister of oats again… Instead, I turn to muesli to fill the go-to brekkie gap, and not just any muesli.

Spoiled as I am working here, only Shepherd’s Double Toasted, Agave Syrup-sweetened muesli will do.  The taste is amazing, there are big crunchy chunks throughout (almost like a lightweight Anzac bikkie) and better still it’s even reasonably healthy for you!

Agave syrup, tapped from the giant spiky agave plants, has a lower GI than sugar, and gives a mellow, caramelish flavour – richer than cane sugar and more subtle than maple syrup.

We’ve jazzed our muesli up for spring with the addition of dried cranberries (craisins) and MORE nuts; sweet, bright-green pistachios, toasted almonds and more.  We’ve also re-housed it in gorgeous new ‘Shepherd’s gold’ recyclable packaging, and it looks mighty fine.

I’m happy to just eat it with a little cold milk and a big spoon, but if you like to get a bit fancy, here are some serving suggestions;

Muesli Parfait - layer muesli, Country Valley Dairy LUSH yoghurt and fresh fruit in a tall glass or even a jar, top with chopped nuts and toasted coconut flakes.  Serve with long handled spoons and a drizzle of honey.

Muesli Rusks – these South African staples ain’t pretty, but man do they taste fantastic dunked in a hot cup of tea or coffee, first thing in the morning.  If you like to head out early to exercise on a weekend, these are terrific to munch on as you go, to give you an energy boost without weighing you down too much.  Our favourite recipe is right here.

Muesli Crumble – use whatever fruit you like, whatever is in season, and top with a combination of Shepherd’s muesli, butter, flour and a little brown sugar.  Bake until golden and serve with a great big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  A more detailed recipe can be found here.