Love to Have Fresh Produce (& Sourdough) Delivered to Your Neighbourhood?

Love to Have Fresh Produce (& Sourdough) Delivered to Your Neighbourhood?

One of our most cherished beliefs, and the reason we always strive to provide good value products to our customers, is that we think that everyone – regardless of where they live and what they earn – should be able to access quality, fresh and nutritious food to feed their families.

That’s why we’re really proud to be associated with Harvest Hub, an organisation who have a similar mantra of making it as simple and cost-effective as possible to have fresh whole ingredients in your home, all the time.  Hub Manly Vale Community Garden

Harvest Hub is a Social Enterprise food network run by husband and wife team, Jayne Travers-Drapes and Anton van den Berg.  It has its roots in a small, traditional fruit and veg co-op which Jayne organised 10 years ago, but has since grown to become a flourishing community-fuelled business which delivers to thousands of Sydneysiders each week through 90 ‘Hubs’.

Farmer Broccoli Freeman's Reach   Raymond's daughterMembers have the opportunity to buy a standard or customised selection of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables each week, and can also add nuts, fresh juice, olive oil or BREAD – yes, our very own Shepherd’s sourdough! – to their order.  As much as possible is sourced from growers and producers close to Sydney, and much of the produce is spray-free.

Harvest Hub stock 18 different kinds of Shepherd’s bread, including Gluten Free options, so if you can’t make it to one of our markets or stores, you can still be guaranteed to get your hands on your favourite bread each week.

We’ve got something else in common with Harvest Hub too.  We’re both committed to helping out those who are down on their luck in our communities – in our case through work with the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Legacy Sydney and through donations of day-old bread to foodbanks and feed-the-homeless charities.  In Harvest Hub’s case, it’s twofold: to families in distress who receive free fruit and veg (partly funded by members), and through their work with the Salvation Army, who benefit by receiving leftover fresh produce from Harvest Hub’s market days to distribute to low-income families in the Macquarie area, and to contribute to their Soup Kitchens across the city. 

If you’d like to find out more about joining a Harvest Hub and receiving fantastic fruit and veg – and outstanding sourdough – at reasonable prices, all the while connecting in a meaningful way with your local community, email or jump onto and have a read.

There’s probably a Hub in your neighbourhood, just waiting for you to join up!