The Sweet Treats Your Mum Can’t Live Without…

The Sweet Treats Your Mum Can’t Live Without…

We LOVE our annual Mother’s Day competition, not just because we get to spoil someone and their Mum every year with a beautiful hamper full of lots of products, but because part of the terms of entry is that you answer a whimsical question for us.

shepherds brioche bombs
In the office we read through them all and reminisce about our own Mum’s and the food and celebrations of our own childhoods, so it’s a really lovely process. This years question was “WHAT SWEET TREAT CAN’T YOUR MUM LIVE WITHOUT?” in honour of our new Brioche Bombs.
The responses we got varied from expected, to unusual, to not even sweet at all (Bread? Nuts? Green Tea?  We admire these Mama’s restraint!)
Last year, we shared responses to our question “What’s Mum’s Best Dish?” and many customers loved seeing their names in lights, so we thought we’d follow suit this year.
So enjoy this roundup of Sweet Treats beloved by our customers mother’s both then, and now… beginning with our winner, Katie.


Katie Preston Toepfer: My mum Karen Preston loves a great coffee with a slice of cake. When I was a child and into my teens, once a week we would go into our favourite cafe and share a slice of lemon meringue pie
Lara Morello: Nutella
Laura Scriven: Your almond croissants!
Tamara Georgy: Kathryn Allport can’t live without licorice, oh wait is it chocolate or it could be ice cream.. nah its definitely fruit cake.
Jenna Costello: Barbara Maizey loves fruit cake. Rebecca Smith loves nectarine cake. I love anything gluten free
Charbray Banaria: She can’t live without her chocolategluten free cake
Aralia Peresa: Christine Gleeson – gourmet nuts
Mish Edgar: Mum loves an apricot danish or brioche!
Vivian Xiong: Ice Cream!
Julianne Danielle: Caterina Araco can’t live without her morning Italian espresso (and unfortunately her cigarette). But we still love her xoxo
Suzanne Lang: My mum doesn’t eat a lot of sweet treats, but when she does, it’s something decadent, delicious, & made with the best ingredients available. We love getting a coffee, & sharing two different desserts. I’m dying for her to try your croissants, & the new brioche bombs, as they look amazing. Now I’m craving an apple & walnut croissant, & your Market stall isn’t here until Thursday!!
Kailee Cross: My mumma bear can’t go without her chocolate, only every now and then, but when the cravings hit, it’s a new block of chocolate every night for the next week.
Jenna Campbell: The sweet treat my mum can’t live without is Strawberry Shortcake – and she makes it SUPER yummy!! Hey Kathy?!
Louise Colclough: Lauren Sims, anything! As long as we don’t have to cook or clean up! Chocolate is always good, but fruit works too.
George Farago: Sarah Farago loves brioche.
David Braybrooke: My Mum (pictured) is not on Facebook as she is far too fabulously old-fashioned, but my sister sweet treatToni Smyth, also a Mum, can’t live without high end boutique shopping in Paris and luxury hotel stays in exotic locales! (said with a wink). The ‘sweet treat’ are those wonderfully warm, buttery, crispy croissants!
Sarah Young: Chocolate Brownies
Sylvana Sawaya: Lena Saba love you Mum. Mum loves anything and everything with sugar. The sweet treat my mum can’t live without is Pepsi Max and Tim Tams when she wakes up in the middle of the night.
Kate Pearce: Fruit Mince Slice
Paul Merrick: Marg Merrick can’t live without goji berries covered in dark chocolate- lol – love ya mum xxx


@meea29: Chocolate… anything chocolate. Oh and Apple Pie. Can I pick 2?
@hoffo.sue: Ever so fresh soft spongey lamingtons that just melt in your mouth…
@jo_and_phil: My mum loves honey coated cookies with crushed walnuts. Luv my mummy.
@dsenecky: My mum’s favourite sweet treats are freshly baked scones
@gingerandcrumbs: One of the greats, this lovely friend of mine. She is such a wonderful mum to her beautiful kids! As for my TOP mum, her favourite sweet treat is the lemon tart.
@onajourneywithfood: My mum loves chocolate mousse
@kevin_and_mal: This mummy has a week old baby, her third, and simply adores French vanilla slice or Portuguese tarts
@pegs85: This year’s Mother’s Day comp! Her favourite treat is jelly snakes
@melindacleland: Mum do you even have a sweet treat? You’re always open to try anything!chocolate croissant sydney
@2cre8ive_chicas: We can’t tag our mama as she’s old school and doesnt use IG. But we can reveal that our mama’s sweet treat that she can’t live without are your delicious almond croissants. They help to make her life a little sweeter as she continues to battle chronic illnesses.
@cate_____: My mum can’t live without the sweet taste of the natural confectionary jellies!
@selsabram: My mums fave sweet thing is green tea. Yup that is her one ‘sweet’ thing!
@dessertaddictsanonymous: Chocolate croissants
@laurenisnow: My mums fave sweet thing is PROPER Scottish shortbread
@natasha_crowe7: My Mum can’t live without Nutella Lasagne from her favourite restaurant, Crinitis.